Published By: John Doe | 20 May 2021

Solve QuickBooks Unexpected Internal Error 31600


QuickBooks is one of the efficient and premier software for small and medium businesses. It manages accounts, bank transactions, payrolls, taxes, bills, etc. QuickBooks is prone to multiple errors and QuickBooks 31600 internal error is one of them. It is one of the critical problems that users might face on several occasions. When this error takes place, QuickBooks stops working and affecting the business operations of organizations. That is why you are required to remove this error as soon as possible. When such errors happen, you are not able to use your QuickBooks properly as it stops working. It may cause a data loss issue in your software. To resolve it quickly, you must call the QuickBooks Customer Service number to resolve it immediately.


What Are the Most Probable Reasons Behind QuickBooks Unexpected Internal Error 31600?


QuickBooks error happens in multiple conditions and these are even listed below. To understand the situation, you will get help to resolve it quickly.

  • When making a portable company file
  • Taking a backup
  • Sending payroll with Direct deposit
  • Using access of Company file
  • When trying to create a company file
  • Verifying properties
  • Saving a transaction
  • Accessing a new Window in QuickBooks
  • Downloading the payroll updates
  • Closing a company file


How to Fix QuickBooks Unexpected Internal Error 31600?


QuickBooks errors can be easily fixed by you. Sometimes you don’t know how to Solve QuickBooks Unexpected Internal Error, in such a condition you must call QuickBooks customer care to assist you with accurate tips.


Step -1 Click Your QuickBooks Desktop


Click desktop when accessing QuickBooks


  • Click and hold the Control key
  • Do a double-press on the QuickBooks icon
  • When you see the company open the window, just hold the control key.


Press on the desktop when accessing the QuickBooks company file


  • First of all, press and choose the Desired Company File and not access any window
  • Now hold the Alt key on your keyboard
  • Then, press open
  • Enter your login details if you are asked to sign-in
  • Never press the Alt key till it is get opened and then press the Alt key and press on Ok
  • After doing this, you will see a blank screen on QuickBooks
  • When you highlight a QuickBooks, it will be accessed.


Step – 2 Know How Many Users Got Affected


  • Choose the Set-up users and Password from the company menu
  • Now press on Set-up Users
  • Press on Company and then select Users for Enterprises
  • Once finished, press on Add Users and mention the Username and Password
  • Now press on the Next option
  • Customize the User if required
  • Now press Finish
  • Once done, access the company file with new login details.


Step -3 Create A New Windows User


  • Firstly, access the Server Manager
  • Now press on Tools
  • After this, choose on Computer Management
  • Increase Local Groups and Users
  • Now, choose the Groups
  • Do a double-click on the Administrator Window to access the Administrator properties window
  • Choose Computers, Group Windows and Service Accounts in the User Service option
  • Lastly, press on Okay.

Once you are done with the above methods, if the problems remain as it is, then you must dial QuickBooks helpline number to fix it instantly