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QuickBooks Not Opening After Entering Password


QuickBooks, one of the most prominent accounting software all over the world. It proves to be a principal key among small and medium businesses. It helps businesses in keeping track of their finance with managed accounting and bill payments. It is a convenient method for sending invoices and also used in completing payroll. But sometimes, users get frustrated when they encounter issues like QuickBooks not opening after entering a password

Although QuickBooks manifested to be a wholesome package, quite often users complain about small glitches.

The root of Desktop Doesn't Start Error

  • Lengthy company name
  • Damaged hard disk
  • Inappropriate installation of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Disfigured QBWUSER.ini. File
  • The outdated version of the operating system

Indication of Error QuickBooks not opening after entering the password

  • Software stops working
  • QuickBooks File stop working
  • A decrease in the speed of window
  • Hang of computer 
  • Drop in the response of computer to other hardware

Troubleshooting solutions to solve Error of QuickBooks

One can quickly solve this minute technical error by following some simple steps. To have a better knowledge of all steps, It is advisable to read the whole blog.

Key 1: Shut Down QBW32. Exe process

  • Firstly, right-click on “Windows Taskbar” and further select "Start Task Manager".
  • The next is to click on "Process Tab", followed by a click on the "Image name" header. This will arrange the process alphabetically.
  • Search and click on “EXE” files.
  • To end this process, click on “End Process”

Key 2: Change the name of QBWUSER.ini. File

  • Start tracing Exe files there; if the user fails to do this, one can check hidden files and folders.
  • After searching, click on "QBWUSER.ini file” and then select the "Rename" option.
  • Following the above step, type "Insert. old" for the previously existing file.
  • Now alter the name of "ecml. file" to end process and in the solution of Error

Key 3: Discontinue  the QuickBooks Desktop Installation

  • Right-click QuickBooks Desktop Icon
  • Simultaneously press on "Ctrl Key'' and choose "Open". Hold "Ctrl Key'' till the dialogue box for the "No Company Box" window appears.
  • Following all steps, now open QuickBooks Desktop

Key 4: Mend the QuickBooks Desktop installation if done in an incorrect manner

  • Using the Keyboard key, click "Ctrl+Alt" Del".
  • Choose the "Task Manager" option
  • Now click on “Process Tab”
  • Choose any of the "QuickBooks Processes" with a right-click.
  • After receiving a confirmation of the process, choose “End  Process”
  • Try restarting QuickBooks again.
  • A click on "repair Quickbooks".

Key 5: Design a New Window Admin User

  • In The beginning, Clock on the “Control Panel” and navigate through it.
  • Select "User account" with a double click followed by the click on "Manage User" addition to click on "Add".
  • Now enter the name and domain of the user, followed by selecting "Ok".
  • With the use of Window 10, Select "Ok".
  • Completion of all these steps will direct to the “user account” “dialogue box” and then click on “Ok”

After reading this blog, we expect that users are able to find relevant solutions to their problems. Users can call QuickBooks Helpline Number for resolution of another technical issue faced while surfing in QuickBooks.

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