Published By: John Doe | 17 Jul 2020



QuickBooks is an accounting software created for organizing and managing all accounting needs of any business or organization. With its many other features, this software makes it easy to handle your inventory. From viewing your quantities on hand to getting real-time inventory valuation, QuickBooks does it all. Using this software for the beginners can be quite typical as it involves many interactive and powerful features, so it is highly recommended, if you face any problems while using this software online for the purpose of inventory, then you need to get in touch with QuickBooks customer care number for the resolution of your problem.

With inventory you can do the following:

  • View your quantities anytime, anywhere
  • Get real-time inventory valuation as inventory values get auto-adjusted on the balance sheet
  • Stay atop of purchase orders and organize contact information at one place for making reordering easier.

Enabling inventory in Quickbooks

  • Click on edit from the toolbar and then ‘Preferences’ from the dropdown list, click on ‘items and inventory’ and then ‘ok’
  • Create an inventory items record by clicking on ‘list’ from the main menu and choose ‘item list’ from the menu, click on ‘item’ and then ‘new’ to add a new inventory record.
  • From the options, choose ‘inventory part’ and fill in the information including, purchase info, cost, and part number etc. Click ‘ok’ when done.
  • For adding the items to the inventory, click on Vendors and then vendor center from the top main menu. Click on ‘new transaction’ and click receive items to enter inventory that you have already paid for.
  • Similarly, you can explore other settings too according to your requirement.

If you encounter difficulties while following the steps, try connecting with QuickBooks customer support number that is available online 24x7. QuickBooks inventory organizes your products with images, categories, and prices. It automatically calculates the cost of each product sold using first in, first out (FIFO). This software run reports of the best selling items, total sales, and total taxes.