Published By: John Doe | 09 Sep 2020



Merging vendors in QuickBooks is not that easy as it appears. If you too want to merge the vendors in QuickBooks, then you need to know more about this feature first, and then you can begin the merging process. You can go through this blog to know about this feature or can reach out to the experts. You can call QuickBooks Customer support to speak with the experts as they will clarify all your queries regarding the merging of vendors.

Benefit of Merging of Vendors in QuickBooks

Using this feature, you can consolidate all the transactions without entering them. This process helps you in deleting one vendor and then assigning the data to the other vendor. You must remember you cannot reverse, delete or transfer this process once you have done it. One should keep the following things in mind before they initiate the process of margining the vendors in QuickBooks:

  • Keep the backup file fully secured.
  • Changes the file’s name to ‘Single User mode.’
  • It will ensure that there are no pending accountant changes.
  • Turn off the option of Multi-currency.
  • You need to sure that that the vendors you want to merge are not tax exempted.

Steps to Merge Vendors in QuickBooks 2019

  • You have to access the Merge Vendors Window by following steps:
  • Visit QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Edition > Accountant > Click on ‘Client Date Review’ > Merge Vendors
  • In the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise > Company menu > Accounting Tools > Merge Vendors
  • You have to select all the vendors that you want to be merged in Merge Vendors Window and then tap on ‘Next’ button.
  • Select the Master Vendor and click on the ‘Merge’ option.
  • On the confirmation prompt tap ‘Yes’ and then click OK on the Complete Merge window.

Steps to Merge Vendors in QuickBooks 2018 Or Older Version

  • Open QuickBooks and the choose ‘Vendors’ > ‘Vendor Center’
  • On the name of the vendor, you have to right-click on it and then select the option of ‘Edit vendor’.
  • Now copy the name of the vendor and then click on the Cancel button to return to the Vendor Center.
  • Now you need to again right click on the name to merge and then click on the option of ‘Edit Vendor’.
  • You have to replace the existing one with the copied one and tap on OK button.
  • At last click on Yes when the prompt appears.

If you don’t want to merge the vendors on your own, then you are free to reach out to the experts by calling QuickBooks Customer Care Number. The team of customer care stays accessible 24*7 round the clock for assisting the QuickBooks users in fixing the issue faced by them.