Published By: John Doe
18 Sep 2019

How to fix QuickBooks Error 1321

QuickBooks has been one of the most popular accounting software which has been accessible to users all around the world. This software has successfully engraved its presence in the field of accounting. Several accountants and bookkeepers have been using the service of this software to ease their workload. Through the course of the existence of this software, users have experienced various errors. One major error which is commonly faced by users is the error code 1321. The users can always connect with QuickBooks Customer care number to learn more about the issues they might face on this software.

quickbooks error 1321

Understanding QuickBooks Error 1321

When the users of QuickBooks try to install or update the company file, that is when they encounter the file error 1321. This error technically means ‘the installer has insufficient privileges to modify the company file.’ There several reasons because of which the users would have to encounter this error and these reasons are:

  • When the file copy process takes longer than the file update process.
  • The antivirus or security software which is installed on the system is denying access for QuickBooks.
  • Windows has restricted permission for the folder which contains the file.
  • When the file is either damager or not in use.
  • What is the process of solving QuickBooks Error 1321?

    There are certain ways in which the user can solve QuickBooks Error 1321. The steps which the users would have to follow are as mentioned below:

    Method 1: Download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool on the system.

    Method 2: When the file copy process is slower than the file update process.

    • The users would have to click on Retry in order to allow the update to complete successfully.
    • If the above-stated step doesn’t work, click on the cancel option that is available.
    • Method 3: Disable the Antivirus software temporarily

      • The users have to access the option and then turn off the antivirus or security software which is installed on the system for some time.
      • Now the users have to perform a clean installation or Update the QuickBooks software.
      • Then the user can turn on the antivirus or security software on the system.
      • Method 4: Create a new user account which has administrative privilege

        • The user has to start by clicking on the start button.
        • Then click on the control panel and choose the Users/Accounts option.
        • You would then have to choose the ‘New User’ option.
        • Then you have to provide a name for the account and ensure that it is set as administrator.
        • Further click on the ‘Create Account’ option.
        • You would then have to logout from the account which is currently being used.
        • Finally login in using the account which you recently created.
        • The users can effectively use all the methods provided to solve the issue of error code 1321. If there is any additional concern which the users come across, they have the option of connecting with QuickBooks Customer support number. By connecting with this service, the users would be able to avail all the required assistance.