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QuickBooks is an accounting software which has made the life of business owners a lot easier and smoother. This software proves to enhance the management of accounts and finances. This software was introduced into the market my Intuit Inc. which is one of the most eminent software developing agency in the world. QuickBooks has been catering to millions of users because of the rich features and functions that it brings to the table. In an era where people believe in working smartly, QuickBooks is one of the most ideal software there could be. This is a smart accounting software of this generation which aids in various business aspects proficiently. The developers provide a free version of this software which can be used for 30 days free of cost, the paid various comes with a subscription charge which is more like a one-time investment and has aspects which is truly incomparable.

This software is well known for its ability to save the time of the users. With the help of this software, one can manage their balance sheet, develop invoices, generate bills, manage the cash flow, track expenses and even accept payment and a lot more useful things. You can easily download this software by visiting the official website of Intuit. In case you come across any glitch or issue which is in regard to this software, you can promptly connect with the QuickBooks customer Care number. This is one of the most efficient customer care services that is available and they provide the users with instantaneous solutions.

Common Issue

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Despite the fact that QuickBooks software has prominent user-friendly features, they still come across certain very unfortunate flaws. Coming across hiccups isn’t a big deal with any software and this is not something worth chewing your brains out for. If you do at any point of time come across any kind of glitch with the QuickBooks software, you can effectively connect with the QuickBooks Customer Service number, where you would be provided the best in class assistance in regard to your issue. Some of the most common snags that the users face with QuickBooks software are given below:

  • Installation error with QuickBooks
  • Difficulty in setting up the QuickBooks software
  • Issue while trying to configure email on QuickBooks
  • Malfunction while transferring files
  • Issue while syncing two computers
  • Unable to print files or documents of QuickBooks
  • Unable to remove the old bills from QuickBooks
  • Issue while trying to add a bonus on the invoice
  • Trouble while sending payments using QuickBooks
  • Difficulty while trying to recover the password of your QuickBooks account
  • Malfunction while copying the QuickBooks data file
  • Unable to access the licensing information
  • Difficulty in recording the bank fees on QuickBooks account

Quickbooks Features

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QuickBooks is best known for the amazing features that it brings to its users. These features highly benefit small and medium-sized businesses. If you at any point of time wish to learn more about the amazing features that this software offers, you can easily attain all the required information by contacting QuickBooks technical support number. They would provide you with a much more detailed viewpoint of all the features. Below are a few features that have been stated to give you a mere understanding of what this software provides.

Invoicing: QuickBooks gives its users the facility to create custom invoices which would include GST, PST, HST and several other taxes. Users of this software do not require to add and calculate these taxes separately as the software does it for them automatically.

Sales Taxes: This software also provides the users with the feature of calculating taxes according to the sales receipt that you would generate.

Data Security: Every user of this software is well secure. They are protected with a 128-bit SSL encryption, it can be clearly stated that your data is in safe hands.

Scan Receipts: While using this software, you can use the feature of scanning your receipts. This would then automatically upload and save the receipt in the expense list or in the book for the record.

Manage and Pay Bills: With the help of this software, you can keep a constant eye on your bills and expenses. You would be able to track these bills and this would assist you in avoiding late fees by enabling you to pay your bills on time.

Bookkeeping: This software provides the users with an efficient tool that assists in saving and managing each and every transition, organizing data and even provide you accurate calculation.

Bank Reconciliation: QuickBooks also provides its users with the feature of presenting details of all the bank transition that has taken place. It is much like syncing your bank account to the software.

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QuickBooks Enterprises

QuickBooks Enterprise is a software ideal for startups and medium-sized businesses. This service assists in easily managing huge amounts of data and it also facilitates the users to access it from different locations. It works in arranging all the documents under specific categories and also maintains a track record of the accounting files.

QuickBooks payroll

QuickBooks Payroll is a service which assists the users in filing taxes. It files the taxes in ways you would prefer it to be done and also provides automatic tax updates. It keeps close view of your taxes and ensures that you do not make any mistakes. It also assists in managing employees and paying bills. Keeps a complete understanding of the company’s income and expenses.

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier is an accounting service which provides solutions on tracking expenses and sales, making customer payments, managing payroll and even generating forms and invoices. Using this software one can also import contacts and other related data to accounts and finance directly from Excel to QuickBooks Premier.

QuickBooks Pro Advisor

QuickBooks Pro Advisor is a service which assists in the daily accounting issues. Using this service, multiple users can simultaneously access the data file. The user can also keep close track of the banking activities which includes deposits, credit card charges, online banking and a lot more.

QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks Point of Sale service has an efficient ability to manage refunds, discounts, exchange, customer order etc. It also brings in assets like barcode scanning and can determine the roadmap of each employee’s performance.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a service which assists the users in managing time by creating tasks such as tracking and managing cash flow, planning a budget, generating invoices and also assessing the company’s performance etc. It is a cloud-based service which can be accessed using a healthy internet connection.




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Frequently Asked Question

If you wish to add a bonus in the invoice of QuickBooks you can do so by following the simple steps that are given below:

  • Go to the employee’s center in QuickBooks
  • Choose the name of the employee you want to add the bonus
  • Below the details of the employee, click on the pencil icon
  • Undergo the prompts that follow and then choose the ‘Bonus’ option
  • Hit the done button and then close the window

The error of QuickBooks not responding may appear because of several reasons. To overcome this issue you can utilize the given information.

  • End the functioning QuickBooks software
  • After you end the function, restart the system
  • After you have completed the above-given step, check whether you are able to access the QB software now

If these methods do not help in solving the problem, promptly connect with the QuickBooks Support number and avail expert guidance in resolving the issue.

If you have recently updated your QuickBooks software and this has resulted in your software not working. The steps you can follow to solve this problem are as below:

  • Move to the Control Panel on your system
  • Navigate to the option of Add or Remove Programs
  • Choose the QuickBooks software and choose to remove it
  • After the software is completely removed, reinstall the QuickBooks software.

If you are facing issues while trying to install QuickBooks software on Windows or Mac, then you should follow the given steps to over the problem.

  • Visit the official QuickBooks website and download the QuickBooks installation diagnostic tool
  • Once the download is done, open the downloads folder and run the downloaded file
  • Close all the other programs that are open and functioning
  • Then use the diagnostic tool and scan the system and let the diagnosis complete successfully
  • Once the complete diagnosis is complete, restart the system and then continue with the installation process

This error can come across when you are trying to install the QuickBooks software. The steps to solve this problem is as below:

  • Discontinue working any tab that is open on your window and completely shut down the system
  • When you restart the system, go to the system restore option which can be found in the system tools option
  • Restore the system to a time when it was not creating any problem in installation
  • Follow the instructions that are being prompted on your window
  • Once the whole process is complete, restart your system again to save the changes
  • Once it is done check whether the issue has been resolved or not